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Arab Coalition Condemns Statements by UN Humanitarian Coordinator as 'Biased', 'Misleading'
Att.Editors: The following item is from the Emirates News Agency (WAM)

RIYADH,Dec 29 (WAM) - A spokesman for the coalition forces to support the legitimacy in Yemen has expressed regret over the statement delivered by the Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen, Jamie McGoldrick, in which he appeared biased to the Houthi militias backed by Iran, intentionally calling them 'de facto authorities' contrary to relevant Security Council resolutions and United Nations statements.

The spokesman, quoted by the Saudi Press Agency, said the statement fits within the coordinator's attempt to legitimise the coup militias in Yemen in a continued endeavour to “mislead” international public opinion by repeating reports circulated by media organs loyal to the Houthi militias. The spokesman added that the coordinator has ignored the communication channels available around the clock with the evacuation cell and humanitarian operations of the Arab Coalition Forces' Command that may enable him to inquire about and verify the information he has incorporated in his statement, an attitude which corroborates his bias in favour of the Houthi militias and his attempted politicising of the humanitarian work entrusted to him.

The coordinator has ignored what the Houthi militias are committing, including crimes and violations against the Yemeni people, the latest of which were the killings, kidnappings and arrests involving the former Yemeni President and hundreds of members of the General People's Congress Party, their children and women as well as the targeting of civilians, the spokesman added.

The spokesman further said that "this statement creates a constant state of uncertainty about the information and data on which the United Nations relies and undermines its credibility. Such misinformation was highlighted before by the Coalition Forces in previous statements, most recently in the report of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict."

While deploring this biased stance, the spokesman for the Arab Coalition underlined the need for the United Nations to reconsider the humanitarian mechanism and the efficiency of its staffs working in Yemen and to monitor their performance again, calling on the United Nations to implement the proposals of the UN envoy Ismail Ould Sheikh Ahmed on the port of Hodeida, which have been rejected by Houthis and approved by the legitimate Government.

He also stressed the commitment of the coalition to implement the provisions of international humanitarian law, especially on the protection of civilians and their keenness to improve the humanitarian situation in Yemen and alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people inflicted by the Iran-backed Houthi militias. (WAM) (END/2017)


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